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Pole dancing is an art, which combines a dance and gym in an extraordinary way.

It is a kind of fitnes program in the worldwide, which trains in the same time the body and individual muscles groups, which could not have been developed during the standart fitness exercises.

Pole dancing is an amusing, attractive and very girlish way to keep a perfect figure.It keeps the tonus and contributes to achieve a better posture, increases self-esteem, teaches on a rare plasticity and beauty of movements.

Except acrobatics and aerobics, there are a lot of emotions, grace and erotic in the dancing.

Our studio is created in 2009 and it popularizes pole dancing as a sport and art in Bulgaria for the first time.In our studio we try to combine emotions with physical exercises, because a dance without any emotion is something like love without passion.

We could provide you a full workout for your body, regardless of your age or your level of training – all were once beginners!Pole dancing will bring you many benefits – you will achieve a greater flexibility, you will loose from your overweight easily, you will increase your strength and muscle endurance and the most important thing – you will having fun all the time!

If you feel already bored to go to the fitness just try something unusual –  an effective way to maintain the exquisite forms and joy for men’s eye!

The grace of the ballet, the power of the acrobatics, artistic choreography, the science of the mechanics of the movements, the passion of the erotic – all of this is collect in Pole Dance! Venelina Gospodinova, Boyana Nikolova, Daniela Hristova, Tony-Suki, Vera Molova, Gergana Kechova, Simona Boykova, Stiliana Simeonova and Ina Natova could teach you in our studio.

  • (BG) Стилиана Симеонова

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  • Sonya Kurteva

    For the popularization and development of Pole dance culture in Bulgaria, we should especially thank to Sonya Kurteva. She created Sonya Pole studio in 2010, when Pole dance is not so popular in Bulgaria. It attracted her attention in 2007, and since then she has never stopped studying every detail


  • Daniela Hristova

    The stage and the art have always been a part of her life.She came on a stage for the first time with her family Acrobatic Troupe “Trio Crown” when she was only two years old.In the high school she studied fine arts and in the same time she found the beauty of the dance. She danced professionally in


  • Simona Boykova

    Simona started her sport career, when she was 6 years old.Her first performance was in the area of the rhythmic gym in sport club “Akademik”.After that she began to deal with an acrobatics professionally.In the last few years she was a part from the national acrobatics team(master of the sport – wom


  • Boyana Nikolova

    Boyana practiced rhythmic gymnastics six years in Etar – Veliko Tarnovo, and she joined the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team in 1996. She has been engaged in pole dance since 2013. She stimulates in her students the inherent female sex appeal, combining it with the skills of balance and proficiency


  • Venelina Gospodinova

    The sport as a whole is a part of her life.She graduated a National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” with a profile “Pedagogical Faculty and Coach Aerobics.”After that she started coaching.She knows the abilities of women’s sports spirit and ways to keep your body well.Besides pole dance she taught aer


  • Suky

    She made her first steps in dancing, when she was 10 years old in latin area.After two years she started to deal with a modern dance and she was a part of two local academies.In 2013 she became a part from the artistic company Pop & Roll.There she acquired Hip-Hop and street dancing skills on a


  • Vera Molova

    Vera Molova is an actress, dancer and choreographer. She fisrt develop the idea for Pole dance therapy in Bulgaria.She studied bulgarian folklore choreography and dance theatre.During her studies she already made the short solo performance “ΤΕΜΝΩ“.Also she create the piece “Boxes”, which took part a


  • Gery Kechova

    Gergana started deal with Pole Dance in the beginning of 2014.She is completely dedicated on the rhythmic gym from 5 to 14 years old and after a long break her curiosity bring herself at Sonya Pole Studio, where she felt in love in Pole Dance and she visited the workshops on a regularly basis.She wo


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Pole dance is an art, which combine a dance and gym in an extraodinary way

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