It includes specific exercises for stretching of the muscles and it is suitable for all the people independently of their age.It is proper to practice individually, but it is usefull for heat up before and after training.The main purpose here is to become more flexible and to prevent injuries during pole dance workshops.

Stretching helps quickly and effectively revive energy levels, relaxing muscles and helping to release endorphins, creating a sense of calm and euphoria, and at bedtime guaranteeing quality sleep.
Collapsed muscles are less effective. The stretch before and after training gives them time to relax. This makes them more accessible and improves athletic performance.
Enhanced blood flow provides effective saturation with oxygen and thus slows the onset of muscle fatigue and reduces pain after training.
Increased amounts of muscle nutrients accelerate recovery from injuries.
By improving the range of movement, the body requires less energy to make the same movements. The joints become flexible and the risk of injuries is reduced.
By stretching tight muscles that push the areas of the body away from their purpose and keep them free, a proper posture is provided. Extending the lower back, chest and shoulders can help maintain the spine upright and improve the overall posture, relieving the pain in the back.
Greater blood circulation promotes cell growth and organ function.
Heart rate is decreasing and blood pressure becomes more uniform and consistent.
Cholesterol is reduced in the body by preventing hardening of the arteries, thus avoiding heart disease.
Do you need more reasons to come to stretching?