Pole Dance for Children

Clusters, parallel bars, swings, gymnastics, acrobatics, dancing - all of these is pole dance. Sport is a health and it raises a discipline and builds a character. Pole Dance for Children is the perfect solution if your child gets bored easily and prefers gaming outside instead of routine workouts. Each new element is a challenge, and combining it with another makes the imagination. Diversity is the leading incentive to choose poles - it's never boring in the hall. Creativity is developing. It absorbs beautiful, complex movements inherent to professional athletes. The children are extremely flexible and everything is easier for them. The muscles have a "memory", so if you want to develop your child's flexibility, endurance and strength in every muscle, pole dance is the solution!

Pole Dance

Pole dancing is an art, which combines a dance and gym in an extraordinary way. It is a kind of fitnes program in the worldwide, which trains in the same time the body and individual muscles groups, which could not have been developed during the standart fitness exercises. Pole dancing is an amusing, attractive and very girlish way to keep a perfect figure.It keeps the tonus and contributes to achieve a better posture, increases self-esteem, teaches on a rare plasticity and beauty of movements. Except acrobatics and aerobics, there are a lot of emotions, grace and erotic in the dancing. It is unusual relaxing effect for your psychics and the same time consolidate the strength, endurance and flexibility of the figure, not only through exercise, but with a lot of dance movements.

Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic high heels pole dance includes different types of dance techniques and the main idea here is to practice dancing on high heels, highlighting the female line, grace, motions and a great dose of sex appeal. Dance of high heels is a reflection of femininity and gives confidence and self-esteem to any lady who touches this type of art. The workshop starting with a qualitative warm-up to avoid complications, going through choreography, building a complete dance appearance and ultimately relaxing stretching for the soul and body. Besides high shoes are desirable and knee-protectors.


It includes specific exercises for stretching of the muscles and it is suitable for all the people independently of their age.It is proper to practice individually, but it is usefull for heat up before and after training.The main purpose here is to become more flexible and to prevent injuries during pole dance workshops.Accumulation of stress leads to muscle contraction, which makes us feel tired and tenseThe joints become flexible and the risk of injuries is reduced.

Aerial Silks and Hoop

You've seen an aerial acrobatics in the circus.In this art you can hang on hoop or veils, ropes, cubes, hammocks, liras and more. Pole dance is also a type of aerial acrobatics, and gained knowledge from the pole will be of useful here. Physical effort here is indisputable and it will be easier if your hands hold you for at least 3 seconds. During the workshops, we are working for strength, body control and balance, which are fundamental to flying pleasure. Aerial acrobatics have advantages in the comparison with traditional forms of exercise. The veils are entertaining, and also help to build a strong body and a healthy mind. Extremely beautiful and graceful acrobatic art should...


What is twerk? They call it booty dance, bounce or...

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Pole dance is an art, which combine a dance and gym in an extraodinary way

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