Pole Party


We will involve you in an unique dance experience, combined with unusual choreography, sensual rhythm and extraordinary acrobatics in a private atmosphere or a spectacular show, depending on your individual preferences.
If you have a special occasion or just want to have fun, if you have a birthday or you’ve decided to surprise someone special for you in unusual way, if you’re wondering how to organize unforgettable bachelor party or just something different – Pole Party is the right answer!
It is completely possible for you to become a part of the show.It is only need a wish and a lovely mood.In order to become the star of the pole you will be leaded by true professionals from Sonya Pole Studio.
We will create for you an individual program and choreography from different dance style for each specific occasion, according to our previous discussion with you.There is an option for an individual order and а short Pole Dance course, which includes a demonstration, followed by individual activities, depending on your willingness.
It is enough to have available smooth floor and a space of three meters in diameter.
The pole is flexible and can be fixed without any damages.It has its own stand and it is not necessary to be fixed on the roof.


  • one girl/one song – 250 lv
  • one girl/one songs – 350 lv
  • two girls/four songs – 600 lv
  • for each additional ordered dance – 100 lv

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Pole dance is an art, which combine a dance and gym in an extraodinary way

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Erotic show with elements of acrobatics and unusual choreography, suitable for a private party or other event

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