Aerial Silks and Hoop

You’ve seen an aerial acrobatics in the circus.In this art you can hang on hoop or veils, ropes, cubes, hammocks, liras and more. Pole dance is also a type of aerial acrobatics, and gained knowledge from the pole will be of useful here.

Physical effort here is indisputable and it will be easier if your hands hold you for at least 3 seconds. During the workshops, we are working for strength, body control and balance, which are fundamental to flying pleasure. Aerial acrobatics have advantages in the comparison with traditional forms of exercise.
The veils are entertaining, and also help to build a strong body and a healthy mind.
Extremely beautiful and graceful acrobatic art should not be underestimated. It develops muscle strength and tone the body naturally, no matter of the age. It releases a lot of energy and develops the strength of the whole body. In addition to the muscles, it develops other tissues such as tendons and prevents injuries.
Flexibility and coordination are improved.
Because the body is in the air, the weight is not so significant in the comparison with another type of sport and thus reduces the risk of injuries.
The decompression of the spine by releasing pressure between the vertebraes is remarkable and assisting the posture in a sitting and standing position.
The acrobatics of veils require trust in ourself. When you are in the air and learning new skills, you are truly pleased.