Pole Dance

Pole dancing is an art, which combines a dance and gym in an extraordinary way.

It is a kind of fitnes program in the worldwide, which trains in the same time the body and individual muscles groups, which could not have been developed during the standart fitness exercises.

Pole dancing is an amusing, attractive and very girlish way to keep a perfect figure.It keeps the tonus and contributes to achieve a better posture, increases self-esteem, teaches on a rare plasticity and beauty of movements.

Except acrobatics and aerobics, there are a lot of emotions, grace and erotic in the dancing.

It is unusual relaxing effect for your psychics and the same time consolidate the strength, endurance and flexibility of the figure, not only through exercise, but with a lot of dance movements.

Pole Dance is a great way to meet wonderful people! Workshops are mostly attended by women of various professions and of different ages sharing a common passion.The classes are significantly smaller than other fitness groups and the atmosphere is more personal and allows a birth of friendships.
The charm and contradictions of pole dancing lie in the fact that women are allowed to use their body in a sensual way.
The erotic components of the dance remain a hot topic of the debate, but they are also a major part of the art.
The usual stereotype that connects with dancers is part of the attractiveness of pole dance for some women.
They feel as part of an exotic social group and seem to have secret and seductive charm, controlling their own bodies in the air.
The pole dances make us feel more confident and happy with ourselves.
During train, we releasing endofrin that makes us feel euphoric, especially if we are surrounded by entertaining people and listen a good music.
This is the best solution against stress and bad mood.