Schedule and prices

Pole Dance class, Art Pole Dance and Exotic Advanced – 17 BGN /90min/

Discount cards for Pole Dance classes

65 BGN 4 visits

120 BGN 8 visits

170 BGN 12 visits

Individual lesson 50 BGN


Combined classes Pole Dance + Stretching/Yoga – 25lv

Discount cards for Pole Dance + Stretching/Yoga

95 BGN 4 visits

180 BGN 8 visit

260 BGN 12 visit


Pole Dance for Teenagers (from 14years old till 18years old)- 15lv /90min/

Discount cards for Pole Dance for Teenagers

55 BGN 4 visit

105 BGN 8 visit

150 BGN 12 visit







Exotic Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop and Pole DanBeginners class – 12lv /60min/

Discount cards for Exotic Pole Dance/ Aerial Hoop classes

45 BGN 4 visit

85 BGN 8 visit

120 BGN 12 visit


Stretching and Yoga class  – 10lv /60min /

Discount cards for Stretching and Yoga  classes

36 BGN 4 visit

72 BGN 8 visit

108 BGN 12 visit

Individual lesson 30 BGN


Pole Dance Kids class  – 12lv /60min/

Discount cards for Pole Dance for Kids classes

45 BGN 4 visit

85 BGN 8 visit

120 BGN 12 visit



All the discount cards are valid for a 4 month period.

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Pole dance is an art, which combine a dance and gym in an extraodinary way

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Erotic show with elements of acrobatics and unusual choreography, suitable for a private party or other event

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Forget about the boring hours in the fitness gym and try a new, effective way to keep your body in a perfect form