Children’s classes from September

We would like to inform you with a huge pleasure, that Sonya Pole Studio starts with a new project from September.The main purpose of the project will be the preparation of children in Pole dance area.

Our studio opens the doors officially for our youngest fans as create a children group, according to individual abilities of the children.

The activities with children are already a fact in a worldwide, why not here in Bulgaria, too!

You could see one of our youngest students, who already made her first steps in Pole dance area on a scene here:

Pole Dance is a combination of qualities that can be acquired through activities such as ballet, power sports, different styles of dancing.
What gives a sport and in particular Pole Dance to your children:
* Flexibility
* Grace
* Great movement culture
* Strength and punch
* Tonus and energy
* Satisfaction from the achieved results
* Persistence
*Stage behavior
* Ability career in racing plan
* Healthy spirit, healthy body that is what people say

How the training pass on:

* We start with an intense warm-up to avoid injuries during training
* Loads during the main part
* Stretching for dissolution and exercises for a strength – thus completed training

Comming soon the children’s classes in our schedule 🙂