In yoga classes we aim to strengthen and flex our body, calm down the mind and find the harmony inside us. We will feel strong, healthy and happy. We will awaken our bodies and our good mood. This is a combination of cardio exercises for strength and yoga asanas for flexibility. After yoga training the body will be toned but will not feel tired.
Yoga gives us all this, but much more …
Except that through yoga we can make our bodies chew, we learn to breathe more correctly, manage to shake off bad thoughts and feelings, increase our physical abilities in a healthy way without the risk of injury. All of this leads to increased flexibility, more correct body posture, detox of the body, improved digestion, smoother and radiant skin. Yoga practices enhance our immunity, improve the quality of sleep, slow down the aging process, and all this increases blood flow, protecting against heart disease and reducing the risk of heart attack. Yoga builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint disease, protects the spine while keeping spinal discs flexible. This is a practice from which we can derive only benefits. Except for physical health, she also takes care of our soul. Breathing is the foundation of life and a major part of yoga practice. By improving breathing during yoga, we soothe the mind, increase our concentration and productivity. Yoga improves our intuition, strengthens our will, and helps us to live more consciously. It increases serotonin levels by reducing stress and making us happier. “Breathing is the bridge between the body and the mind” Swami Rama
Regular yoga practices help us to discover the possibilities of our body, to concentrate our minds, to rediscover our soul and to build the balance between them. Yoga makes us more beautiful from outside and overdoing and improves our quality of life.
To get to know this world helps us Elena Sofianska. She discovered yoga in 2009 and began practicing to maintain a good sporty and healthy form. A little later she graduated as a yoga instructor at NSA “Vasil Levski”. Besides physical health, Elena achieves emotional balance and inner peace. It gradually turns yoga from sport into a way of life. It will help you develop in the endless challenge that yoga offers us.

Yoga classes are Tuesday from 09:00 to 10:00 and Thursday from 20:30 to 21:30

price 10lv, discount cards: 36lv- 4 pms

72lv. 8 visits

108lv. 12 visits