Art Pole Dance

Here we combine pole dance with the modern dance art in an extremely artistic way.
Modern dance is so popular in the world, but it is still a new style for Bulgaria and that is why it is so interested to us and we are trying to implemented it. It combines with the pole in a perfect way.
Isadora Duncan, who opposes to the classical ballet school, says that “there is no such a posture, such a movement or gesture that would be beautiful in itself.” Every movement would be beautiful only when it truly and honestly expresses feelings and thoughts. “lines of beauty” in itself is absurd, the line is beautiful only when it is aimed to a beautiful purpose. ”
This dance teaches us how to hear our inner voice and express it with the help of the body and that is why it is defined as an “art” form of art. It requires a lot of personal attitude and emotion. In the lessons, we only lay the foundations and stimulate your imagination to bring your own choreographies to the next level alone. You do not have to be advanced in the pole dance, but only to be able to feel the music.

Every Monday “Art Pole Dance with Ver4eto” from 19:00 to 21:30

price 17lv or discount cards:

65lv. 4 visits

120lv. 8 visits